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New EMPAD courses 2014-2015!

• 12th-21th of October 2014: Clubhouse Helsinki, Helsinki/ Finland
• 9th-18th November 2014: Clubhaus Schwalbennest/ Clubhaus München Giesing, München/ Germany
• 1st-10th of February 2015: Clubhouse Fountain House Stockholm, Stockholm/ Sweden
• 10th-19th of May 2015: Clubhouse De Waterheuvel, Amsterdam/ The Netherlands
• 5th-14th of July 2015: Clubhaus Schwalbennest/ Clubhaus München Giesing, München/ Germany
• 1st-10th of November 2015: Clubhouse Fountain House Stockholm, Stockholm/ Sweden

Arrival on Sunday, Departure on Tuesday; Training fee: 700 euro pro person

If you have questions about the courses in general, please contact Mr. Wander Reitsma: w.reitsma(at)waterheuvel.nl

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Course objectives

• A five-day Empad Clubhouse training course introduces the Clubhouse method to professionals working in the field of mental health rehabilitation and adult education.

• The Clubhouse method emphasizes the recovery orientation, learning opportunities, social inclusion and labour market integration of people with different mental health problems.

• Course methodology: Learning-by-doing, Presentations, Clubhouse members stories, Study visits, Group discussions, Articles.

• Participants gain knowledge in understanding empowerment in the context of Community-Based Rehabilitation.

• The course provides participants with useful ideas on how to use lessons learned in their own environment.

Registration and questions

Munich: Vera Hahn
Stockholm: Gunilla Byström
Amsterdam: Wander Reitsma
Helsinki: Tarja Saarinen

Funding details

Organisations of course participants can apply funding for the training costs from the Erasmus+ program 2014-2020. Erasmus+ funding is available for the Mobility for adult education staff (includes staff training). This activity supports the professional development of adult education staff in the form of: a) participation in structured courses or training events abroad; b) a job shadowing/observation period abroad in any relevant organisation active in the adult education field. Please note that in the new Erasmus+ program the funding applications are made by the organisations, not the staff persons by themselves.

First application deadline for Erasmus+ and Mobility for adult education staff is extended to 24.3.2014. Please ask more funding information from your national Erasmus+ agency: http://ec.europa.eu/education/lifelong-learning-programme/national_en.htm

See also European Commissions Erasmus+ page: http://ec.europa.eu/programmes/erasmus-plus/index_en.htm


Before the training participants receive reading material and a short questionnaire.


EMPAD methodology

- See the EMPAD project final report from here.
- Choices for recovery report.


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